Orpheus: Providence by Night

Alejandro's Journal
Another Lodgic Puzzle

Master Lodge has been a gracious employer of mine for five years and I truly like his company for the most part. I especially like when I get to borrow the cars I drive for him. One time I took his black on black Aston Martin to the club and chauffeured my fiancĂ© for the weekend. She would end up as my wife after that drive, but I digress in my own journal. I sat down tonight to write of my experience working for my employer after his first night at the new job. Its weird to think of Dr. Lodge taking a new posting knowing full well he could retire at his age and not have to work a day in his life again. Surprisingly enough it seems he doesn’t work anyway because he loves what he does. This new job seems awfully strange, dealing with the occult and all. I just don’t know what to think, I have seen my employer do the absent body trick more times today than in the past five years. He had me set up a tea table in a poor woman’s apartment while also going out to the nearest best buy to buy new electronics. I then had to wait around this dingy apartment to collect the young master’s body until he came to and helped some dead guy reconnect one more time with the family. Its all just very weird hopefully this new job doesn’t entail all this ghostly stuff it really conflicts with my nerves.

Looks like that ghost...

got himself into some hot water. Maybe it was the depth of the dive or my first real underwater fight since Malta but I blacked out and found myself wildly slashing out at nothing but water longer after I had finished the specter off. Funny I really thought this guy was a lot harder than he ended up being. So much for LaRue’s theory about being TOO well armed. I’ve never been one for long R&R but these burns are slowing me down a little too much. At least I can slip out of my skin from time to time to ease my pain. I may be getting a little too used to this…

Under the Sea
The real Jason H2O

Crucible Team Six reporting in for duty just twelve hours after our first mission came to a conclusion. We have been contracted by a private company for the recovery of intellectual property as well as the safe return of their employees. (This Company) set out to test a new deep sea diver for their research wing. They were set to test it out in the Narragansett Bay, on a old steamer wreck from the early twentieth century. The “United” was a passenger steamer which sank in 1907 and the reason for the wreck is still unknown. Our mission as laid out by Orpheus is perform the said task laid out by the contracting party as well as find out about the property that was lost and any and all data pertaining to it and the research being performed. When we arrived on scene we found out that the diver was working perfectly fine for the first part of the mission and they were able to make contact with the submerged steamer. After contact was made an otherworldly voice can be heard over the audio recording asking to be set free. The diver would then lose contact with their surface ship the “North Hope” about five minutes later. This case is particularly intriguing to my employer, Orpheus, because their records show that the oldest ghosts they have come in contact with is seven years old. That would leave this ghost or undead malcontent the oldest ghost in living history. When we got to the site on Prudence Island and then went to the location of the last contact we were also informed by Agent Larue that her specter was close by. We started by questioning the captain of the “North Hope” and found out the disposition of the ship. We were able to ascertain that the three missing divers should have enough air for the next twelve hours as well as the emergency fail safes in place in case of a situation such as this. The diver is equipped with emergency ballasts which will allow the ship to rise to the surface in an emergency. The diver was accompanied by a small unmanned submersible with its own ballasts to allow for an external fail safe should the ones in place on the diver failed. The crucible found out that this wreck was recommended by one of the researchers on the ship a Mr. Steven Winters a descendant of the captain of the “United”. Three individuals in total were missing a Ms. Michelle Anderson, 33, who piloted the craft, Dr. Hamid Faraaj, he was the medical personnel on hand in case of emergency and Mr. Steven Winters the researcher on hand for the diver. Agent Larue possessed the ship’s computer to find out about the research being conducted as well as the information about the EN-14, the propulsion system used to power the deep sea diver. Agent Hunkington and myself would question the captain and the prepare for the dive and Agent Murray performed a search of the before the team arrived trying to ascertain if anything was out of place from an otherworld prospective. Agent Murray, being a sleeper, and myself went down in our ghostly form while Agent Hunkington would accompany in his Meat Sack. We arrived at the wreck and also found the diver close by the steamer but the unmanned submersible was no where to be found. Upon coming to the wreck I used my bat ears stain to perceive a banging coming from inside the ship. This lead us to believe that members of the underwater crew were still alive. Upon entering the diver in an incorporeal form I found a Jason still possessed by a specter class hostile. I attempted to communicate with the individual but all information on specters leads me to believe they can’t actually be reasoned with. After seeing me the individual attacked. I was able to force the demon to flee the husk but in so doing making it angry and also prompted it to action. After a brief exchange between myself, Agent Murray who entered in the middle of encounter and the specter, it vanished in what I perceived to be an attack upon my empty body. I ripcorded back to my body while Agents Murray and Hunkington secured the diver, found the propulsion system and activated the emergency ballasts, there by returning the unit back to the surface. They then followed the mindless apparition back toward the surface and engaged in combat. With weapons hot and blood boiling, along with the water it got to be a nasty fight. To be continued…

Away we go

I understand why this group was chosen. I understand more why they are Bravo. They are raw. On that note, maybe it could be said that I am not one to judge, but that is why I am here; with jury duty and execution to be on the souls of those with bloodier hands than mine. Observant does not mean weak and dead does not mean inconsequential. Monsieur Lodge will have to learn that. While it is my job to see how these baby birds use their wings, I will not allow them to sully Lovecraft’s reputation and stoop to disrespectful tactics, such as used by Terrell and Squibb. There is a beauty in death. A poetry, even in the pain, and I will intervene on behalf of Lovecraft for the sake of clientele as much as ourselves.

As wretched and miserable as that poor couple seemed in their poverty, they had each other. They had a deep love. I’d say I respect that, but maybe I just want it in a way that forces me to protect it. Something that I know now I never had.

More than one way to skin a cat...

Obviously the correct way is with a bowie knife… but we’re talking ghost cats here and that difference makes all the difference. Get rid of the haunt. That’s the job. Take the ghost out. THAT’S what they mean. But this poor bastard was no Somali pirate, no bus hijacker. Just some guy trying to get back to see his wife and kids. This life… you know my first instinct was to take him out the easy way and Doc almost had me swayed, but that would have been wrong and it would have been Kiev all over again. I cannot take another Kiev. So I followed agents LaRue and Murray and saw it though. And this time they were right… but I’ll be god damned if Graychurch thinks I’m going to pay any mind to this written warning about firearms. There is no such this is “too prepared” and the moment you walk into a room light is the moment you don’t walk out. Some day they’re going to thank me.

That Dream Again...

I had that dream again last night. The same one as always. I am having fun with my friends, laughing and talking, when suddenly they all start to freeze around me. I try to help, but there is nothing I can do. Tonight was different. The couple from my first mission with Orpheus were there. I guess I didn’t realize how much they reminded me of Dean and Lana. I think they survived because they were still smiling and calm while everyone else was clawing frantically at their clothes, but I’m not sure because that’s as far as I made it before waking up to the usual cold sweat. I thought this job might give me a chance to help people and get me some closure after what happened, but maybe this is all too much for me. At least my coworkers seem ok. Margot LaRue seems like the kind of boss I could REALLY get behind. I think she’s here for all the right reasons. That’s more than I can say for Hunter Lodge D.O.. His regard for the living far outweighs he regard toward the deceased… unless the living are homeless. He makes me nervous. Still, I look forward to our next mission.

First Mission
Ghost of a husband past

Mission log date 2/9/201

Reporting to work for my first day was quite interesting, meeting the new team and the new boss were quite entertaining. I have been paired with a man whose arsenal of weapons exceeds the Rhode Island national guard, a nondescript mouse of a woman who doesn’t really say boo and a senior agent who happens to be a ghost and in love with her former employer. We were tasked with fumigating a home haunted by what appeared to be a poltergeist but upon further investigation would turn out to be a skinrider. We took a look around the home and noticed that some of the family possessions, especially the electronics were haunted or ghost touched. I proceeded to purchase the family new electronics and put them up in a hotel so that we could continue the investigation into the night while making sure that we didn’t disturb the family in the course of our investigation. We found while talking with the woman of the house that her husband recently died and that the disturbances only picked up their frequency recently. When we hung around the home long enough the husband’s ghost came strolling in. When we talked with him we determined that his connection to this world was held by his wedding ring and his wife’s face. We helped him recover the ring to present to his wife to give him and her closure. I being a skinrider myself helped him to manifest himself one more time to speak with his wife and find solace that his family will be okay without him.

Test Run

Crucible Bravo was given their first mission with Lovecraft. The team was overseen by senior agent Margot LaRue who was brought in from Boston for consultation.

The mission given was a fumigation job with a slight hitch. The residence housed 2 Drone class spooks to serve as a decoy, as well as a recently deceased Echo class who was the main source of the haunt. According to reports, the team was successful, but not without difficulty.

Agent Lodge will be reprimanded on his use of his personal funds during missions as they do not reflect the attitude of Orpheus Group towards our public relations. His interpersonal work with the Echo class is commendable however. Leniency will be taken.

Agent Hunkington will be reprimanded on his decision to bring an unnecesary quantity of firearms to a residential job, especially in light of the presence of children. To his benefit, the firearms were dissembled and kept in the vehicle until the children had vacated the premises. However, their presence and proximity are disturbing. As this is a first offense, he will be given a written warning.

The remaining Bravo Agent did an excellent job in relation to mission parameters, however accounts do not give a strong showing of her interactions with the Crucible. She will be under observation, but no other action has been deemed necessary.

Senior Agent LaRue has been thanked and compensated for her time although her short temper should once again be made mention of to her superiors at the Lenore Facility. Records show that her attitude towards Agent Lodge may cause unnecessary Spite fluctuations and should be observed as well.

It is of my opinion that Crucible Bravo should be kept under close scrutiny as their cohesiveness is suspect at best as is there ability to keep their Spite levels in check. Senior Agent LaRue will be brought in for consultation when available.

~Director Olivia Graychurch


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