Orpheus: Providence by Night

First Mission

Ghost of a husband past

Mission log date 2/9/201

Reporting to work for my first day was quite interesting, meeting the new team and the new boss were quite entertaining. I have been paired with a man whose arsenal of weapons exceeds the Rhode Island national guard, a nondescript mouse of a woman who doesn’t really say boo and a senior agent who happens to be a ghost and in love with her former employer. We were tasked with fumigating a home haunted by what appeared to be a poltergeist but upon further investigation would turn out to be a skinrider. We took a look around the home and noticed that some of the family possessions, especially the electronics were haunted or ghost touched. I proceeded to purchase the family new electronics and put them up in a hotel so that we could continue the investigation into the night while making sure that we didn’t disturb the family in the course of our investigation. We found while talking with the woman of the house that her husband recently died and that the disturbances only picked up their frequency recently. When we hung around the home long enough the husband’s ghost came strolling in. When we talked with him we determined that his connection to this world was held by his wedding ring and his wife’s face. We helped him recover the ring to present to his wife to give him and her closure. I being a skinrider myself helped him to manifest himself one more time to speak with his wife and find solace that his family will be okay without him.


Nice work. +1XP

First Mission
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