Orpheus: Providence by Night

More than one way to skin a cat...

Obviously the correct way is with a bowie knife… but we’re talking ghost cats here and that difference makes all the difference. Get rid of the haunt. That’s the job. Take the ghost out. THAT’S what they mean. But this poor bastard was no Somali pirate, no bus hijacker. Just some guy trying to get back to see his wife and kids. This life… you know my first instinct was to take him out the easy way and Doc almost had me swayed, but that would have been wrong and it would have been Kiev all over again. I cannot take another Kiev. So I followed agents LaRue and Murray and saw it though. And this time they were right… but I’ll be god damned if Graychurch thinks I’m going to pay any mind to this written warning about firearms. There is no such this is “too prepared” and the moment you walk into a room light is the moment you don’t walk out. Some day they’re going to thank me.


eggsalted84 jonathan_hutton_3

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