Orpheus: Providence by Night

Test Run


Crucible Bravo was given their first mission with Lovecraft. The team was overseen by senior agent Margot LaRue who was brought in from Boston for consultation.

The mission given was a fumigation job with a slight hitch. The residence housed 2 Drone class spooks to serve as a decoy, as well as a recently deceased Echo class who was the main source of the haunt. According to reports, the team was successful, but not without difficulty.

Agent Lodge will be reprimanded on his use of his personal funds during missions as they do not reflect the attitude of Orpheus Group towards our public relations. His interpersonal work with the Echo class is commendable however. Leniency will be taken.

Agent Hunkington will be reprimanded on his decision to bring an unnecesary quantity of firearms to a residential job, especially in light of the presence of children. To his benefit, the firearms were dissembled and kept in the vehicle until the children had vacated the premises. However, their presence and proximity are disturbing. As this is a first offense, he will be given a written warning.

The remaining Bravo Agent did an excellent job in relation to mission parameters, however accounts do not give a strong showing of her interactions with the Crucible. She will be under observation, but no other action has been deemed necessary.

Senior Agent LaRue has been thanked and compensated for her time although her short temper should once again be made mention of to her superiors at the Lenore Facility. Records show that her attitude towards Agent Lodge may cause unnecessary Spite fluctuations and should be observed as well.

It is of my opinion that Crucible Bravo should be kept under close scrutiny as their cohesiveness is suspect at best as is there ability to keep their Spite levels in check. Senior Agent LaRue will be brought in for consultation when available.

~Director Olivia Graychurch


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