PC Character Template

A quick 2-3 word description of the character or job title


A more in depth accounting of your character’s physical appearance and any common mannerisms. The “first impression” that someone would get looking at your character.


This is the meat and potatoes. Write me a background of indeterminate length, probably a paragraph or two…or more if you’re ambitious. Length doesn’t mean more XP, but details do.

Don’t forget to check the Player Character box just underneath “Character Name”.

Also, here is how I will reward XP based on this venture.

1XP- Just making a profile for the character
1XP- add a picture (at thebottom there is a greyface that you can click to upload a picture)
1XP- choose a theme song for your character and add it to the profile
1-2XP- background.

PC Character Template

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