Death is no longer absolute -

The men and women of Orpheus can see past the veil into the underworld. Their numbers include mediums, spirit-talkers and even actual ghosts. For a price, they’ll cross the veil for you, to resolve lost causes or quiet restless spirits. But be careful, for the dead aren’t to be trifled with, and in the end your payment may come in blood.

Agents of the conspiracy known as Orpheus can see the dead, but can they trust these spectres and banshees? And what of the Voice that squawks through dead channels, warning of a disaster on the horizon? The Voice of the Afterlife. Science thinks its shattered the barrier between life and death, but its only opened the floodgates. Stop meddling with the affairs of ghosts and close the doors before something follows you back through. You should have left some secrets buried, because now they wont go back to sleep without a fight.

Orpheus: Providence by Night

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