Orpheus: Providence by Night

Alejandro's Journal

Another Lodgic Puzzle

Master Lodge has been a gracious employer of mine for five years and I truly like his company for the most part. I especially like when I get to borrow the cars I drive for him. One time I took his black on black Aston Martin to the club and chauffeured my fiancĂ© for the weekend. She would end up as my wife after that drive, but I digress in my own journal. I sat down tonight to write of my experience working for my employer after his first night at the new job. Its weird to think of Dr. Lodge taking a new posting knowing full well he could retire at his age and not have to work a day in his life again. Surprisingly enough it seems he doesn’t work anyway because he loves what he does. This new job seems awfully strange, dealing with the occult and all. I just don’t know what to think, I have seen my employer do the absent body trick more times today than in the past five years. He had me set up a tea table in a poor woman’s apartment while also going out to the nearest best buy to buy new electronics. I then had to wait around this dingy apartment to collect the young master’s body until he came to and helped some dead guy reconnect one more time with the family. Its all just very weird hopefully this new job doesn’t entail all this ghostly stuff it really conflicts with my nerves.


Amazing! +2 XP More of this please!

Alejandro's Journal
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