Orpheus: Providence by Night

Away we go

I understand why this group was chosen. I understand more why they are Bravo. They are raw. On that note, maybe it could be said that I am not one to judge, but that is why I am here; with jury duty and execution to be on the souls of those with bloodier hands than mine. Observant does not mean weak and dead does not mean inconsequential. Monsieur Lodge will have to learn that. While it is my job to see how these baby birds use their wings, I will not allow them to sully Lovecraft’s reputation and stoop to disrespectful tactics, such as used by Terrell and Squibb. There is a beauty in death. A poetry, even in the pain, and I will intervene on behalf of Lovecraft for the sake of clientele as much as ourselves.

As wretched and miserable as that poor couple seemed in their poverty, they had each other. They had a deep love. I’d say I respect that, but maybe I just want it in a way that forces me to protect it. Something that I know now I never had.


Awesome. This is some top shelf characterization. +1XP

(Side note: You guys are Crucible Bravo because there already is a crucible Alpha. If Alpha had been transferred, you would be the new Alpha Crucible. It might rub your characters the wrong way, but it has nothing to do with talent or experience.)

Away we go
eggsalted84 sarah_lincourt

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