Orpheus: Providence by Night

Under the Sea

The real Jason H2O

Crucible Team Six reporting in for duty just twelve hours after our first mission came to a conclusion. We have been contracted by a private company for the recovery of intellectual property as well as the safe return of their employees. (This Company) set out to test a new deep sea diver for their research wing. They were set to test it out in the Narragansett Bay, on a old steamer wreck from the early twentieth century. The “United” was a passenger steamer which sank in 1907 and the reason for the wreck is still unknown. Our mission as laid out by Orpheus is perform the said task laid out by the contracting party as well as find out about the property that was lost and any and all data pertaining to it and the research being performed. When we arrived on scene we found out that the diver was working perfectly fine for the first part of the mission and they were able to make contact with the submerged steamer. After contact was made an otherworldly voice can be heard over the audio recording asking to be set free. The diver would then lose contact with their surface ship the “North Hope” about five minutes later. This case is particularly intriguing to my employer, Orpheus, because their records show that the oldest ghosts they have come in contact with is seven years old. That would leave this ghost or undead malcontent the oldest ghost in living history. When we got to the site on Prudence Island and then went to the location of the last contact we were also informed by Agent Larue that her specter was close by. We started by questioning the captain of the “North Hope” and found out the disposition of the ship. We were able to ascertain that the three missing divers should have enough air for the next twelve hours as well as the emergency fail safes in place in case of a situation such as this. The diver is equipped with emergency ballasts which will allow the ship to rise to the surface in an emergency. The diver was accompanied by a small unmanned submersible with its own ballasts to allow for an external fail safe should the ones in place on the diver failed. The crucible found out that this wreck was recommended by one of the researchers on the ship a Mr. Steven Winters a descendant of the captain of the “United”. Three individuals in total were missing a Ms. Michelle Anderson, 33, who piloted the craft, Dr. Hamid Faraaj, he was the medical personnel on hand in case of emergency and Mr. Steven Winters the researcher on hand for the diver. Agent Larue possessed the ship’s computer to find out about the research being conducted as well as the information about the EN-14, the propulsion system used to power the deep sea diver. Agent Hunkington and myself would question the captain and the prepare for the dive and Agent Murray performed a search of the before the team arrived trying to ascertain if anything was out of place from an otherworld prospective. Agent Murray, being a sleeper, and myself went down in our ghostly form while Agent Hunkington would accompany in his Meat Sack. We arrived at the wreck and also found the diver close by the steamer but the unmanned submersible was no where to be found. Upon coming to the wreck I used my bat ears stain to perceive a banging coming from inside the ship. This lead us to believe that members of the underwater crew were still alive. Upon entering the diver in an incorporeal form I found a Jason still possessed by a specter class hostile. I attempted to communicate with the individual but all information on specters leads me to believe they can’t actually be reasoned with. After seeing me the individual attacked. I was able to force the demon to flee the husk but in so doing making it angry and also prompted it to action. After a brief exchange between myself, Agent Murray who entered in the middle of encounter and the specter, it vanished in what I perceived to be an attack upon my empty body. I ripcorded back to my body while Agents Murray and Hunkington secured the diver, found the propulsion system and activated the emergency ballasts, there by returning the unit back to the surface. They then followed the mindless apparition back toward the surface and engaged in combat. With weapons hot and blood boiling, along with the water it got to be a nasty fight. To be continued…


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Under the Sea
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