Broken Promise Ring

50dd07806a5658f61bc78e6517dd613a.jpgThis appears to have once been a ring of silver set with a single pearl. It’s current incarnation has an almost melted or deconstructed appearance with the pearl hovering within a setting of warped silver. It is difficult to look at directly as it invariably causes the viewer to exhibit melancholy and begin to feel acute loneliness. When inspected closely, the distorted reflection from the pearl seems to show a light snowfall regardless of the current weather.

Upon touching a sentient creature with the ring, the ring discharges a portion of it’s owner’s Spite and forces the target to painfully relive they’re most recent emotional trauma.

System: The user must tap a number of Spite Points to activate the ring, which stays active for the remainder of the scene unless discharged. When discharged (Dex+Brawl if constested), the user causes a dice penalty for a duration as dictated by the number of Spite Points spend.

Example: Margot activates the Broken Promise Ring with 7 Spite. It burns balefully with a cold light that is reminiscent of flickering street light in the dead of winter. She reaches out and grasps Lila by the shoulder.

It’s as if Lila’s spine had suddenly turned to ice. For a split second she is back on the mountain, the wind howling…

Sarah decided that Margot will suffer a 5 die penalty for 2 rounds as she had spent 7 Spite to charge the ring.

Broken Promise Ring

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